Marina di Pisticci

UIM XCAT World Championship

Round 2 - Grand Prix of Basilicata


2023 UIM XCAT World Championship Grand Prix of Basilicata: May 5th – 7th

Basilicata is a timeless land, narrated by travellers and artists, writers and filmmakers who have come across it. It is a region rich in history and culture, with a great cultural and historical heritage. The beauty of this land is enhanced by a consolidated food and wine tradition.
A natural and rich landscape extends from the Tyrrhenian coast of Maratea to the Ionian coast up to the Apennine mountains.
Basilicata is an “authentic, pure” land to be discovered, so-called The “secret garden” of Southern Italy.
The golden sandy beaches of the Ionian Coast and the plunging cliffs of the Tyrrhenian Coast make Basilicata a real paradise.
Basilicata offers visitors of all ages water sports in the two seas that bathe the Lucanian coasts and in the waterways that cross the territory going on adventures in complete safety immersed in breath-taking views and unspoiled nature.

The race location is: Porto degli Argonauti – Marina di Pisticci - Italy.

Race Timetable

  • May 6th

  • May 7th

  Official practice    
  Pole Position - Q1    
  Race 1    
Followed by
  Prize Giving Ceremony    
  Official Practice    
  Pole Position - Q2    
Followeb by
  Prize Giving Ceremony    

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