• 13 January 2021

2021 UIM XCAT World Championship: a new challenge is coming

After the exciting 2019 Championship, which saw Maritimo Team winning the XCAT World Championship, with drivers: Tom Barry-Cotter and Ross Willaton, we were forced by the tragic circumstances, due to the pandemic, to turn off the engines for the entire year 2020.

Covid-19 has unfortunately forced the world's population to reassess their priorities, putting their daily lives on hold.

Saddened by the painful losses suffered due to this dreadful virus, we hold great hope for 2021 to be a year of recovery.

The engines of our XCAT catamarans have been turned off for too long and now they are quivering to start again towards new exciting adventures.

The Calendar is still being finalized, but interesting proposals are already on the table.

Keep following us to discover the news of this new season. We will soon reveal which are the rounds of the 2021 season and the participating teams.

Through our social channels, you can live and share the highlights of the most exciting sporting competition in the world of powerboating.
Enter the XCAT world!