• 01 May 2023

Signed the agreement for the next round in Constanţa, Romania

The first race was very thrilling, thanks to the acts of the boats that competed in the waters of the port of Fiumicino to win first place in "Race 1".

On this exciting day, we had the honour of hosting the Romanian delegation in the roles of Alexandru Octavian Micu, president, of the Romanian Yachting Federation and Andrei Talpes, director, of Constanta Municipal Sports Club.

Mr Micu and Mr Talpes spent the day with us to get to know and experience the adrenaline-fueled world of XCAT, before the next round in Constanţa, Romania.

Constanta Delegation at XCAT

Raffaele Chiulli (President of UIM), Alexandru Octavian Micu, president of the Romanian Yachting Federation, Andrei Talpes, director of the Constanta Municipal Sports Club, Sebastiano Pellecchia (UIM XCAT Sports Director) officially signed the agreement for the next round of the XCAT World Championship 2023.

UIM XCAT next round: Constanta


See you in Constanţa!