• 01 December 2023

Excitement Peaks as XCAT World Championship Reaches Climax at Fujairah GP

Fujairah, 1st December 2023 – The thrilling spectacle of the XCAT World Championship has descended upon Fujairah, marking the culmination of an exhilarating season. As the world's premier powerboat racing series, the GP of Fujairah holds the key to determining the next XCAT World Champions.


In a nail-biting session of morning qualifications, the teams vying for the championship – Team GB, Fazza, and HPI – showcased exceptional skill and determination. With only three points separating these formidable contenders, the stakes have never been higher. The picturesque waters of Fujairah bore witness to a breathtaking display of speed, precision, and rivalry.


Team GB emerged as the frontrunners, claiming the pole position for the eagerly anticipated Race 1, scheduled for Saturday at 3:00 PM local time. It’s the first time anybody from GB has won the XCAT Pole Position! 

HPI secured a close second position, setting the stage for a fierce battle for the championship title. Swecat and Consulbrokers clinched the third and fourth spots, respectively, promising a grid filled with talent and competition.


However, not everything went according to plan for Fazza, as they found themselves relegated due to an incident involving a buoy. Undeterred, the Emirati team is expected to mount a strong comeback in their pursuit of the championship during the upcoming races.


The GP of Fujairah promises two action-packed days, with Race1 set to unfold on Saturday at 3:00 PM, followed by Race2 on Sunday at the same time. The title of XCAT World Champion hangs in the balance, and motorsport enthusiasts can anticipate a thrilling showdown between Team GB, Fazza, and HPI.


The excitement extended beyond the racing arena as the afternoon witnessed the spectacular Boat Parade, a mesmerizing nautical showcase that saw the sleek XCAT vessels navigating the stunning waters of Fujairah, captivating audiences and setting the stage for an unforgettable championship finale.


XCAT Pole Position Results