• 02 December 2023

Thrilling Victory for Team GB in Race 1 of the XCAT World Championship Finals at Fujairah

Fujairah, 2nd December 2023 - The inaugural race of the XCAT World Championship Finals kicked off spectacularly today at Fujairah, with Team GB securing a dominant victory that puts them on the brink of clinching the coveted championship title. The race, marked by intense competition and unexpected turns, showcased the prowess of the British team.

Team GB demonstrated their supremacy right from the start, claiming the pole position and maintaining their lead throughout the race. The flawless performance secured their position at the top and brought them one step closer to sealing the championship.

The Fazza team from the UAE engaged in a fierce battle with Team GB and, unfortunately, had to concede due to a mechanical failure. This unforeseen setback added an element of drama to an already intense competition.

The podium for Race 1 saw Team GB securing the top spot, followed by the Sharjah team in second place and HPI in third. The dynamic duo of Rosario and Giuseppe Schiano from HPI continues to be the only team mathematically capable of challenging Team GB for the championship title.

AL&AL Racing claimed the fourth position in Race 1, reinvigorating the fight for the overall fourth place in the championship standings. The withdrawal of Q8 Oils and technical issues faced by Swecat contributed to the reshuffling of the mid-table standings.

As the XCAT World Championship Finals unfold, the excitement continues to build. Tomorrow, at 3:00 PM, Race 2 will take place, a crucial event that will determine the final points allocation for both the championship victory and the overall standings. Motorsport enthusiasts are in for another thrilling display of skill and strategy as the teams vie for glory in the showdown at Fujairah.

XCAT Race 1 Results