• 03 December 2023

Team GB Triumphs in XCAT Powerboat Racing World Championship Finale at Fujairah

Fujairah, 3rd December 2023 – The XCAT Powerboat Racing Championship reached its pinnacle at the exhilarating finale held in Fujairah, where the fate of the World Championship title hung in the balance. The competition was fierce, and from the outset, Team GB's crew took the lead, attempting to dictate the pace before being overtaken by Fazza. However, as Fazza approached victory, a mechanical failure forced their withdrawal, clearing the way for the British team to not only win the race but also secure the prestigious title of World Champions.

Martin Campell and Scott Williams, the dynamic duo representing Team GB, celebrated a triumphant season, showcasing their skill and determination. The final standings revealed HPI of Rosario and Giuseppe Schiano securing the second-place position, with Fazza, led by Arif Al Zaffainand Nadir Bin Hendi, clinching the third spot. Swecat, the Swedish contingent, claimed the fourth-place finish, and Consulbrokers, helmed by Alfredo Amato, secured the fifth spot in the overall rankings.

XCAT Pole Position Results


The season's culmination in Fujairah was met with enthusiastic acclaim from both spectators and viewers worldwide. As the 2023 XCAT season comes to a close, anticipation builds for the 2024 season, where Team GB will embark on the challenging journey of defending their hard-earned World Championship title.


XCAT Pole Position Overall